Hey Guys! I'm Bruce, welcome to my site. is a site that shows hot guys who want to get into the porn business. I have the pleasure of giving them their first screen test! I was hired to find some of the hottest young dudes out there to have a cum shooting audition for me. Each week you will see a new episode of me fucking, sucking and finally shooting all over these porn star hopefuls! Enjoy the site Guys!

Let me introduce to you the young and pretty Karim who just turned 18. Karim sucked my dick like a real pro, that's why I also showed him what I'm able to do. I think he liked it because he came so much on my face and I said "thank you" by doing the same. See ya later man, hopefully :)
Rating: Lenght: 17 mins
Pictures: 49 pics

When I got back from Dominican Republic, I've met Anthony at the airport. I was happy to met him since my trip wasn't that good sexually speaking, but Anthony helped me forget about my bad trip experiences. :)
Rating: Lenght: 21 mins
Pictures: 36 pics

Jonathan and Bradon
This week I'm receiving Jonathan and Bradon for a very special event, it'll be the first ever 3 way on my site. They're both back for their second time and we can see that theylearned from their first experience. Hopefully you'll cum quite fast watching our encounter.
Rating: Lenght: 26 mins
Pictures: 59 pics

I met Nico at the Jazz Festival. He was a few rows in front of me during a dull concert, I thought the sax player would fall asleep, drop and impale himself on his instrument! Anyway, good thing this twink kept my mind busy, I was shifting trough my pick-up lines when stardom caught up with me. Nico came up to me and did the groupie thing, you know, "oh-my-god-you're-such-and-such". I was a bit embarrassed in public, so to shut him up, I brought him home ;)
Rating: Lenght: 18 mins
Pictures: 40 pics

My friend Jasmin and I went to the Olympic Stadium's observatory. The view from Montreal was incredible but not as spectacular as Jasmin riding my big cock. Plus, I got to suck one heck of a cock, hmm-hmm! Jasmin, we can go on field trips any time you want!
Rating: Lenght: 23 mins
Pictures: 64 pics

Xavier : My little princess !!!
Hmm, those who appreciate a woman's touch in their male will enjoy Xavier. He's my little princess, he's so cute with his placed hair, trim body and delicate manners - sigh! Luckily, he can also handle a good rough thrust of the cock up his ass. He got treated to quite a cumshot!
Rating: Lenght: 16 mins
Pictures: 44 pics

Hey guys this is Frank, why don't you meet Sebastien, I met him at the mall. I was trying on a pair of jeans when he came around and told me they gave me a great ass. I must admit I blushed a little bit... Then he told me "you've got something on your face... Hey! It's my hand!" Well now he's on tape and it's my turn... Sebastien, you've something on your face... Oh my! It's my cum! :)
Rating: Lenght: 10 mins
Pictures: 24 pics

Coming back from my trip to Chicago, head filled with that sweet Chicago House sound, I bumped into Marcello at the airport. Now that's a nice muscular chap for our liking... He looked so lost I took him under my wing... Now I'm still not sure where he came from, all he said all along is "yes" or "no"... And even these were shaky. He spent a day at my place, that was all I needed from him, after all. I sent him back to the airport, after his nice blowjob. Go and spread the love, Marcello. Go and spread the word : Frank is jet setting ;)
Rating: Lenght: 22 mins
Pictures: 42 pics

Joey & Frank
Hey guys it's Frank, this morning I met an old school buddy at the supermarket. I would've never believed Joey was gay. He was chasing skirts around while I was hiding my secret crush from him. It was awkward at first, trolling around the alleys with our little carts, then finally spilling it out. "Wanna come home with me, I'll show you my studio gear"... I never tought it would work... We started fooling around, kissing and chatting away and I led him to it : "I want a souvenir, I want the whole world to know we were togheter..." We exchanged turns, blowing eachother until I came over his cuter than ever face. Yeah, I think we'll stick together for a little while.
Rating: Lenght: 25 mins
Pictures: 48 pics

Hi guys it's Frank once again, I am getting more and more persuasive! Kaven and I met at some party. He asked me what I was doing in life, so I mentioned my site... At first he wasn't all that warm to the idea of performing for you guys but after a few drinks, a few kisses and reasoning, I reeled him in. I was really surprised how he got in to it once in front of the camera : He was like a wild animal! But don't worry, he didn't bite ;)
Rating: Lenght: 20 mins
Pictures: 37 pics

Hi guys, today Frank is receiving Darian, a cute Italian who performed a classic of a blowjob. He met Darian at the fruit market and I think the harvest was good since he brougth back some superb fruits and an Italian stud.
Rating: Lenght: 23 mins
Pictures: 53 pics

Carlos & Frank
Hey! it's Frank again, this week, I'm receiving Carlos, for the first time on video. He's 21 but he looks a lot younger. He's gonna suck me good and I'm gonna make him cum... so today it's 2 for 1 on cumshots guys :)
Rating: Lenght: 21 mins
Pictures: 42 pics

Hi guys, It's Frank, let me introduce... Frank, a buddy I met down at the mail box. He was standing there, browsing MY issue of Gay Times, wich the mailman obviously delivered to the wrong Frank. I was all getting pumped, coming up with clever lines to shame him from reading my mail, when I noticed his nice ass... I shifted 180 and went all nice on him, laying down the old charm... Started kissing and all, downstairs... I guess you can imagine the rest... In case you can't, I got it all on tape ;)
Rating: Lenght: 18 mins
Pictures: 32 pics

Last week my buddy Frank met a guy in a coffee shop, he said that he liked him right away. He told him about the website and the guy (Justin) said he was interested. I think we'll go there again to find prospects. :)
Rating: Lenght: 11 mins
Pictures: 37 pics

Frank and Bruce
This is one of the first time I've met Frank, it's still a classic scene in my mind. I was even lucky enough to have Frank coming all over me.
Rating: Lenght: 18 mins
Pictures: 33 pics

Hi guys, today i've got something special for you. During my last trip to Chicago, I've met Wolf (grrr!) in a bar. He was really nice and we got along pretty well. Back to my hotel room, I had a surprise for him. I took my camera and ask him if I could film him. I think that he really liked my idea, I hope you too will like it. :)
Rating: Lenght: 16 mins
Pictures: 43 pics

Frank and Bruce
I went over to visit Frank's appartment and things just got crazy! What can I say? His cute little face and hard bod made me melt... We traded blowjobs - Frank has a real taste for dicks - and... well had a nice hard fuck! We were so excited He came all over my face and he splatered my hard belly!
Rating: Lenght: 15 mins
Pictures: 56 pics

Hi guys! This week I invited one of the sexiest guys in the city, Derek, the blondie hottie. He can suck a dick like a god and not only does he have a very tight butt that he likes to play with, he also has a really nice tool. One word to descripe him... Woow!
Rating: Lenght: 14 mins
Pictures: 40 pics

Hey guys, this week my buddy Frank is taking over my site. He went camping in the mountains and he met Derek. A sexy blond guy who likes to suck dicks, hope you'll love the sight. :)
Rating: Lenght: 23 mins
Pictures: 42 pics

Today let me introduce Steven. He's new, he's got that big 10" dick and he knows how to please a male who wants hot sex. Young and well hung I give him a note of 20 / 10 for this scene. Hopefully he'll be back really soon... I think my ass is addicted to his cum by now.
Rating: Lenght: 22 mins
Pictures: 35 pics

Hot 24 years old male
A hot 24 years old male who's not at his first steps in the business, do you know anything better than that? and he is probably as horny as I am. I fucked him from every sides I could imagine... and I have a lot of imagination :)
Rating: Lenght: 26 mins
Pictures: 28 pics

New guy T-Bone
This week I've got got a new guy in porn, T-Bone a tall handsome 21 year old student. Half indian, half canadian he's the type of guy that you wanna fuck all night long. He likes to be fucked everyway possible... that's what I did!
Rating: Lenght: 23 mins
Pictures: 29 pics

I'm receiving Nicko for the second time. Once again it was such a great fuck. I fucked his little ass really hard like a train and he even used a dildo in his ass at the same time... that's right, double anal. :)
Rating: Lenght: 31 mins
Pictures: 59 pics

Here's a new guy at BoysCasting, his name is Sebastien and this blonde dude seduced me right away. He was a little bit nervous at first but as soon as I introduced my big hard cock in his mouth everything was fine. I even gave him a 11 on 10, so you'll understand that you've got to see this video.
Rating: Lenght: 27 mins
Pictures: 47 pics

Donny stopped by Boys Casting for a second visit. This dude still gets high ratings from me. He went down on me again like a real pro and he even wanted to try the SYBIAN! This is a mechanical fucking machine that will fuck your ass at all different speeds. It was pretty hot, watch Donny get pounded by the Sybian! Enjoy guys
Rating: Lenght: 28 mins
Pictures: 68 pics

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