Frank came by today for a casting, he's a hot little stripper with a tight body and some awesome body art. Him being a dancer of course I made him shake his money maker for me! But what I was really interested in was the moves that his lips could do on my rod, Let's just say he blew me away!
Rating: Lenght: 21 mins
Pictures: 83 pics

Sunny is a fucking hot dude! This is a big muscled kinda guy with a deep voice and a cool sense of humor as well. Sunny is thinking about getting into porn so I had the pleasure of giving him his audition. Sunny has had some background in stripping but I was more interested is some of his other talents if you know what I mean! Sunny took control of my cock like a pro and then I had the joy of pounding his tight ass. Sunny was such a good sport helping me put up the lights for the shoot that I at least owed him a big cum shot in his face!
Rating: Lenght: 23 mins
Pictures: 81 pics

Whoa! What a week when Tony came by. This stud is a real sports jock. Tony has a hot furry body, you would think with that kind of fur he would be a Cub's fan, not an Expo's fan. I am sure this jocks teammates had fun working on his hot ass in the locker room. I know I did! Just thinking of this guy makes me horny all over again.
Rating: Lenght: 24 mins
Pictures: 28 pics

Xavier is quite a guy! He came by BoysCasting because he had some curiosity about the porn industry. Xavier was a competition swimmer when he was younger, this dudes even won some medals. Lets just say if I was a judge for a hardcore event he would get more then my hot load shot all over him!
Rating: Lenght: 22 mins
Pictures: 59 pics

Nicholas is a hot European dude. Nick did have some background shooting some gay amateur porn back where he's from. This guys has a hot fucking ass man and really turned me on. Nicholas shot a huge load as well at the end of our sex session!
Rating: Lenght: 19 mins
Pictures: 72 pics

Hey Guys! You guys wanted to check me out seeing me go down on some dick and getting my ass plowed. I am into it with the right dude so I picked this guy named Karl. Wait till you check this guy out, he's quite a stud and has the equipment to handle me. Wait till you see his hot bod! You'll see why I picked this stud boy!
Rating: Lenght: 15 mins
Pictures: 28 pics

Donny's a hot dancer! When I saw this dude shake his hot, tight booty, I got turned on right away! This scene I shot was a total turn-on. Donny sucks dick like there's no tomorrow and loves the rough play. I know some of you really get turned on when I get rough with my castings. You will see this boy loves getting his ass pounded by a big dick.
Rating: Lenght: 23 mins
Pictures: 38 pics

I wanted you guys to meet one of my good friends, Simon. Simon is a bisexual guy and I am proud to say I kind of showed him how hot action with another guy could be a trun-on. One of my first lessons was to show him how to go down on a guy and then I got the opportunity to shave his hot ass! Simon caught on real quick as you will see. This casting was so hot that I hooked him up with my buddy Frank over at Cum On Boys. Enjoy Dude!
Rating: Lenght: 20 mins
Pictures: 36 pics

Jessy stopped by my place for a casting. He found out about Boys Casting and heard it was a good place to test out his talents if he wanted to get into the porn business. Currently Jessy works as a stripper here in Montreal. He definitely has the moves, even with a big dick up his ass. I give this casting a thumbs up and you will see why! This boy knows how to work his ass. Hey Jessy, feel free to come back and show me any new moves you may of learned!
Rating: Lenght: 19 mins
Pictures: 41 pics

Johnny's Back !!!
Guess who stopped by to see me again? Hot stud boy Jonny. Jonny picked up a little experience in the industry and it shows on how he can handled my cock. Then it was my turn to take hold of Jonnys dick and gave his cock a little attention. Before I knew it, I was shooting my big load in this boys face. Jonny, hope you enjoyed it man!
Rating: Lenght: 20 mins
Pictures: 38 pics

My buddy over at Cum On Boys hooked me up with a dude named Chico. Chico knows how to go down on a dude! Wearing his red banana, he looked like the kind of guy you don't want to mess with but turned out to be the opposite! I definitely like messing with him. I think Chico was a little surprised by the size of my cock and with a little persuading I was able to get my dick up his tight little ass. He is all broken in for you boys! Hey Chico come by and visit anytime.
Rating: Lenght: 18 mins
Pictures: 23 pics

My boy Frank hooked me up with another of his amateur dudes. Reading his fact sheet I felt 19 year old Antonio may be a little shy for this business. But he proved me wrong, he took hold of my cock like a pro! Frank was right Antonio really didn't like facials but if he would open wide I wouldn't made such a mess.
Rating: Lenght: 16 mins
Pictures: 37 pics

I first met Ivan through some friends of mine, he was bragging to everyone about how good he's is at giving blow jobs. So of course I had to offer him a casting to see how he handled my big one. Plus I had a few other surprises for him like stretching his ass with a dildo and then my cock. Got to admit Ivan handled all his tasks like a pro! I even shot cum in this dudes face and hair and he didn't flinch. Way to go Ivan!
Rating: Lenght: 22 mins
Pictures: 38 pics

This hot little twink named Felix sure knows how to deliver. Don't think just because this dude is young and has a small bod that he doesn't know what he's doing. He can suck and fuck with the best of em! He was a little shy but enjoyed every moment of my domination over him.
Rating: Lenght: 18 mins
Pictures: 83 pics

Hey dudes, check out this little twink Nicko. I heard about Nicko through a few friends that I hang out with. Everybody agreed that this boy definitely had some good porn potential. After casting him I would whole heartily have to agree with them! This hot ass boy sucked my big cock like there was no tomorrow. I was really getting into this , I then slipped him my wet cock and fucked his hot little ass like crazy! When I was ready to shoot I yanked my cock out of his ass and shot on his eager face.
Rating: Lenght: 19 mins
Pictures: 35 pics

Nathan stopped by Boys Casting this week. One of my friends told me to check him out, he said that he gives one of the best blow jobs. So of course I volunteered my big tool for the job, and yes a thumbs up on his BJ techniques. Nathan was not big in the smiling department but he gave me a big enough grin to show me he was enjoying himself.
Rating: Lenght: 13 mins
Pictures: 24 pics

Today was one of those days that I really enjoyed coming to work! This dude name Jonathan came by and we hit it off right away. This casting was totally hot. Jonathan worked my cock like it was the last cock he'd suck. When it came to fucking he was more then willing to lift his legs for me and then I had the pleasure of popping my big load in this bad boys face.
Rating: Lenght: 27 mins
Pictures: 46 pics

Today was Allen's casting. We had the perfect chemistry for some great sex! I was not disappointed, as you will see by my ending cum shot. My cum jetted out of my dick and landed on Allen's face and hair. I told my buddy don't worry about the cum in the hair it works as a hair gel as well.
Rating: Lenght: 15 mins
Pictures: 22 pics

Hey guys, meet J.D. Well he already has the Porn Star name but now it was up to me to figure out if he had the rest! Two steps in the studio and this boy is striping and and ready to go to work. I had to remind him to sign the forms so he could chow down on my big boy and then bend him over and slam it home. Then for finale, you guessed it I get to shoot my load in his face. Well J.D. you did just fine,I own your ass now!
Rating: Lenght: 19 mins
Pictures: 32 pics

Hey dudes, Julian came over, a nice young guy with a hairy ass. First we weren't sure on how this was going to go. But being that it's my job to do castings on these young guys, I had to give it the old college try! Before I knew it i had my cock buried up his ass and he was begging for more. I ended by giving him a nice hot load.
Rating: Lenght: 22 mins
Pictures: 35 pics

This dude Jakob really knows how to make a casing fun! I whipped out my cock and he was all over it. Blowing me like a real champ. Jakob won a lot of points for that, and even more for his nice tight little boy ass I got the opportunity to sneak my big meat into. After pounding his hole for awhile I pulled out just enough time to shoot my load all over this hot boys face. Hey Jakob, I am nominating you for employee of the month!
Rating: Lenght: 15 mins
Pictures: 30 pics

Hey Guys this was one of my first castings on my site. To get things started, I had Max stop over to give my big meat a sucking. This session was very hot as you will see, of course I yanked my cock out of his mouth to shoot my big load on this boys face. Very HOT! More hot castings to cum...
Rating: Lenght: 18 mins
Pictures: 32 pics

Jake was a guy I met up at a party one night. He was a little wasted at the time, I suggested he come by for a casting. He got pretty aroused about the idea of going down on me on camera that he spilled his beer all another friend. The day came for his casting and he was sober and ready to suck! Of course a perfect ending with his face full of cum.
Rating: Lenght: 14 mins
Pictures: 29 pics

This dude Nathan just signed up to my site and was so turned on by it that he wanted to stop by for a casting with yours truly, big dick Bruce! So a day later he's on my bed with my big boy in his mouth going to town. It was an ice breaker and he performed like a pro!
Rating: Lenght: 15 mins
Pictures: 35 pics

This guy named Steve has had some background in the porn business but want to make it big. Looking at the size of this boys cock it shouldn't take long. Steve went down on Jeremy and popped a big load right into his mouth, it was very hot. Check it out for yourself!
Rating: Lenght: 17 mins
Pictures: 48 pics

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